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Brushcutters are known by various names..... Brush Cutters, Petrol Brush Cutters, Petrol Brushcutters or Clearing Saws.

This is where you will find our hand selected range of Petrol Brushcutters which are all produced by leading manufacturers such as Stihl, Honda and Kawazaki.  We also have a budget range of Garden Care Brush Cutters which are very economically priced yet still have full spare parts availability for continued after sales service.

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Product no.: FS40

The lightest strimmer / grass trimmer of the new generation. The STIHL FS40 features - Modern appearance, convenient operation and a very simple starting procedure.......


rrp- £210.00
£180.00 *
Product no.: GC_262LH

The Gardencare 262LH is a lightweight, entry level straight shaft Brushcutter which is fitted with Garden Care's 26cc 2-Stroke petrol engine. The 262LH has proven to be a very capable domestic petrol trimmer for small to medium gardens and slightly overgrown areas......


rrp- £169.99
£149.00 *

The Stihl FS 56 RC-E is a light-weight petrol brushcutters with straight shaft and Ring Loop Handle (R).  Also available with Bike Type Handle bars.....


Switch to the FS 56 C-E (Bike Handle)


rrp- £350.00
From £295.00 *

The Stihl FS 70 RC-E is an extremely robust petrol brushcutter with Ring Loop Handle (R) as standard or optional Bike Type Handle bars. Fitted with Stihl's 2-Mix fuel efficent engine......


Switch to the FS 70 C-E (Bike Handle)


rrp- £395.00
From £330.00 *

The NEW Stihl FS 94 RC-E + C-E are extremely robust petrol brushcutters with Ring Loop (R) Handle Bars as standard. Stihl's 2-MIX engines consume 20% less fuel and produce 70% less emissions.....


Switch to the FS 94 C-E (Bike Handle)


rrp- £402.00
From £339.00 *
Product no.: UMK435UE

The Honda UMK435UE is a powerful machine which features a revolutionary mini 4-stroke engine offering unrivalled smooth and quiet operation. A convenient "bike type" handle bar ensures comfort & control with added safety and a metal blade is available for more demanding jobs.....


rrp- £499.00
£439.00 *
Product no.: FS360-CE

The New Stihl FS360 C-E features the Newly designed 2-MIX clearing saw including ErgoStart (E) and 4-point anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue.....


rrp- £828.00
£685.00 *
Product no.: FS410-CE

The comfortable to use, Stihl FS 410 C-E is a durable, robust and very powerful clearing saw with ErgoStart (E) and simplified starting system. Powered by low emission, fuel-efficient STIHL 2-MIX engine.....


rrp- £888.00
£735.00 *
Product no.: FS460-C-EM
STIHL's most advanced clearing saw ever! The FS 410 C-EM features the 'M-Tronic' fully electronic engine management system which adjusts ignition timing and fuel metering in all operating modes....


rrp- £924.00
£760.00 *
Product no.: FS240-C-E

The Stihl FS 240 C-E is a highly durable, robust and ergonomically enhanced 1.7 kW petrol brushcutter. Powered by a low-emission, fuel-efficient STIHL 2-MIX engine.....


rrp- £750.00
£620.00 *
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