Hand Held Blowers

Hand Held Leaf / Garden Blowers

Hand-held / Backpack Leaf Blowers are a cheap and easy way to clear leaves and other debris in your garden or outdoor space. Blowing is the most effective way of clearing paths and patio areas; especially of wet leaves, that a vacuum would leave behind. The best Electric / Cordless / Petrol Blowers from leading manufacturers.

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Product no.: BGE71

The Stihl BGE 71 electric leaf blower is a competitively priced & extra quiet electric garden blower. Perfect for use in built-up areas and smaller gardens......

rrp- £109.00
£95.00 *
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Product no.: BGA45

The new Stihl BGA 45 Cordless Blower is ideal for cleaning small outdoor areas at home. Integrated Battery, wall holder + charging function......

rrp- £109.00
£99.00 *
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The Stihl BGA 56 COMPACT Cordless Blower is perfectly for clearing leaves, paper and other debris around the average sized home and garden.....


rrp- £109.00
£105.00 *
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Product no.: BGA-85

The BGA 85 is the most powerful Cordless Blower by Stihl for convenient use around the garden and in noise-sensitive areas.

rrp- £260.00
£219.00 *
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You save 16 %
Product no.: BG56-C-E

Don’t let garden work get you down durning Autumn. The Stihl BG56 C-E is ideal for clearing leaves and debris on paths or driveways around the home......

rrp- £275.00
£209.00 *
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You save 24 %
Product no.: BG86-C-E

The Stihl BG86 C-E petrol leaf blower is packed with power and comfort features for prolonged use.....

rrp- £330.00
£249.00 *
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You save 25 %
Product no.: HHB25

The Honda HHB25 Petrol Blower is the first 4-stroke hand-held leaf blower in the world!  Extremely easy to use with no fuel / oil mixing involved......

rrp- £377.00
£299.00 *
You save 21 %
Product no.: BR-350

The Stihl BR 350 is a powerful, economical and low-maintenance petrol backpack blower with effective anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue......

rrp- £438.00
£350.00 *
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You save 20 %
Product no.: BR-430

The Stihl BR 430 petrol backpack blower delivers the dependable power for tough jobs.  Simplified starting system makes operation easy and comfortable......

rrp- £516.00
£415.00 *
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You save 20 %
Product no.: BR-600

The top of the range Stihl BR 600 is a powerful backpack blower with very high air throughput for the most extensive cleaning tasks.....

rrp- £654.00
£490.00 *
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