Hand Held Vacuums


Hand-held Leaf and Garden Vacuum's (Vacs) are a great way to help suck-up leaves and other debris from lawns, flower borders and around hedges that would be otherwise inaccessible. We supply Electric / Cordless / Petrol Hand Held Vacuums from leading manufacturers for the best performace.  Order today for Fast UK Mainland Delivery...... and a cleaner garden!

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The NEW Stihl SHA 56 Cordless Vacuum Shredder + Blower can be converted easily and features a rotatable handle for comfortable operation.....


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Product no.: SH56-C-E

The Stihl SH56 C-E Blower / Vac for occasional users.   Powered by a "Stratified Charge Engine" for fast acceleration, low emissions & reduced fuel consumption.....

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Product no.: SH86-C-E

The Stihl SH86 C-E Blower + Vacuum Shredder has increased performance and comfort features that will quite literally blow you away!.......

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In stock

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