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As we all know.... Behind every good gardener is a good tool shed!!!!  Use our easy "Search in this Category" box below to find the perfect tool for every task, from Bow Saws to Spring Rakes, we've got it covered!  If you can not find what you are looking for please just drop us a message to find out if we can "order in" your specific product, obtain a price for it or even make it appear on our website for other customers.

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Product no.: WGZM04

The Wolf Multi-Change® Short Handle 32cm ZM04 is ideal for working in small restricted space's such as plant tubs and balcony boxes, flower borders etc. Its practical safety lock, guarantees a safe and secure "tool-to-handle" connection.


£7.00 *
Product no.: WGZMAD

The Wolf Multi-Change® D Grip Handle ZMAD has a length 85 cm and is the ideal partner for multi-change® tools that use a thrusting motion, such as the Weed Extractor or the Lawn Edging Iron. The handy 'D' Grip counteracts over-tiring of the hand.


£11.99 *
Product no.: WGZMI15

The Wolf Multi-Change® 150cm Aluminium Handle ZMI15 has a overall length of 150 cm and is a handy partner for all types of work in and around the garden. The ZMI15 is a very light and highly stable.


£11.99 *
Product no.: WGZM170

The Wolf Multi-Change® 170cm Wooden Handle ZM170 has a overall length of 170 cm. The ZM 170 Ash Handle is shaped in the grip area and maintains an excellent feel. The anodized, rustproof aluminium tube has a safety lock that guarantees a secure tool-to-handle connection.


£22.99 *
Product no.: WGZMV3

The Wolf Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle ZMV3 is ideal for tree-care without need of a ladder but is equally suitable for pond care and more. It is adjustable between 170 – 300 cm to suit individual needs. Made of high-quality extremely sturdy aluminium, its low weight simplifies work at heights.


£35.99 *
Product no.: WGLUGM

The Wolf Multi-Change® 7.5cm Hand Fork LUGM. Thanks to the narrow, pointed shape of its tines, this handy yet sturdy Hand Fork attachment enables effortless, root-friendly planting and transplanting in light and medium soils.


£14.99 *
Product no.: WGLUSM

The Wolf Multi-Change® 8cm Hand Trowel LUSM. Ideally suited to planting and transplanting, lifting balcony plants or bulbs and decanting sand. It can be used in plant tubs with the Short handle just as well as in flower beds and for tending graves with the long Wooden or Aluminium handles.


£14.99 *
Product no.: WGBEM

The Wolf Multi-Change® Cultivator BEM is ideal for scarifying encrusted, well-trodden soil, loosening over a wide area and aerating are not a problem for the WOLF-Garten Cultivator with its three sharp, hardened blades and 11 cm working width.


£19.00 *
Product no.: WGDHM

The Wolf Multi-Change® Dutch Hoe DHM in the traditional Y-shape, removes even stubborn weeds, ideally from light, sandy soils. Also features a 13cm hardened, sharply ground weeding blade.


£14.99 *
Product no.: WGHWM15

The Wolf Multi-Change® Draw Hoe HWM15 This robust Draw Hoe with its 15 cm wide, hard-wearing weeding blade cuts through even stubborn weeds. The sharply ground stainless steel blade is replaceable.


£19.99 *
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1 - 10 of 19 results