Scarifiers & Aerators

Scarifiers / Aerators / Lawn Rakers

Scarifiers / Aerators / Lawn Rakers

A healthy lawn requires sufficent room to breath and have good drainage.  "Scarifiers" remove unwanted moss and thatch to enable it to breath easier while "Aerators" channel in to the sod to improve drainage.  Some machines are designed to do both jobs and this is where you will find our range of the best Petrol & Electric machines available in terms of performance, build quality and price.

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Product no.: SA32E

The Cobra SA32E 13" Electric Scarifier (Lawn Raker) + Aerator. Powerful 1300W motor, 38cm / 13" working width. The SA32E comes with a "Blade Drum" for Aeration + a "Tine Drum" for Scarifying / Lawn Raking.......


rrp- £119.99
£100.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: S390H

The Cobra S390H petrol scarifier / aerator / lawn raker is powered by a Honda GX120 engine and has a 15" working width. The S390H comes with 16 fixed blades for the most complete scarifying experience......


rrp- £539.99
£489.00 *
Product no.: MF_S38_Scarifier

Mountfield's S38 Scarifier with sixteen double tipped carbon steel blades to help remove thatch and aerate the roots gently, but effectively. Fully adjustable scarifying depth up to a maximum 20mm ......

rrp- £599.00
£549.00 *
Product no.: LB540

The VIKING LB 540 petrol Scarifier / Aerator will remove moss, thatch and weeds over the long term. As a result, the ground gets more air and the roots are better supplied with water and nutrients.....


rrp- £635.00
£529.00 *
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